Large Rubbish Removal

It has been a little under two years in which Schur Management and Integrity General Contracting commenced their buisness relationship. Schur Mgmt. commenced providing large rubbish removal projects in multiple dwelling buildings where Integrity proved to live up to its name. Schur Management is very satisfied with the miscellaneous projects such as (tree pruning and removal, landscaping, rail road tie retaining walls replacement, stone wall repair and replacement, large (10′) steps replacement, etc…..). Integrity’s staff are professional and well mannered guys and they also work very well with Schur’s in-house crew. I highly recommend Integrity General Contracting for any project.
Tony Pacheco, Building Manager
Schur Management Co. LTD

NYPD service provider

Integrity General Contracting has done business with the City of New York Police Department this past year. Their service and professional approach to all contracts with the Police Department have been handled with the highest degree in workmanship and integrity. Their work has always been done in a timely fashion and always worked around the Police Department needs based on our difficult schedules. IGC was always available for their service no matter what time we were able to allow them to work within our facilities. We here at the NYPD highly recommend them with no reservation. Thank you IGC !
Manuel Cordero, Detective / Project Manager
City of New York Police Department

Yard Paving

I had the privilege to hire Integrity General Contracting to do my yard with pavers. The owner is a proven leader, who is not afraid to step in as a team player to help ensure that deadlines and task are completed as required. He is reliable and dedicated to his assignments. The only way I can describe the work done on my yard is EXCEPTIONAL! I highly recommend this company to anyone out there looking to have work done at their property. This company is definitely one that I would rehire without any hesitation.
Nancy Oyola